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Minister in the Office of the Vice President, Sylvia Chalikosa says strong coordination and collaborative partnerships that bridge institutions and stakeholders, and inclusive approaches that leave no one behind should be key elements of the country’s policies and frameworks.

Ms Chalikosa was speaking during a round table Ministerial meeting at the sixth session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction in Geneva, Switzerland.

She said it is a proven fact that response to disasters is far too costly as compared to investing in disaster mitigation and preparedness; integrating disaster risk management minimizes disaster losses and ensures sustainable development.

Ms Chalikosa added that normal development programming is therefore not disturbed because the Treasury will not have to take resources from programmed developmental activities to emergency response. She said there are also social, environmental and economic benefits associated with specific disaster risk management investments such as stimulating economic activities by reducing disaster risks and the cost of rehabilitation and reconstruction is also minimized.

She further added that the incentives for risk informed investments include reduced levels of damage to critical infrastructure and at risk communities have higher capacity to adapt in the face of climatic shocks.

Ms Chalikosa said every investment in development has the potential to create, amplify, or reduce future risks. Government has been taking measures to ensure all public and private investments are risk informed. Therefore Infrastructure development emphasizes the need to use the revised building codes that take into consideration existing and new risks.

Furthermore, she noted that most private investments were now turning to the use of solar power as an alternative source of energy to reduce on the overuse of the already over stressed water resource.

Ms Chalikosa noted that at national level, the Seventh National Development Plan has a pillar on Poverty and vulnerability reduction, that is comprehensive on issues such as social safety nets disaster risk reduction, sustainable forest management, climate change mitigation and adaption.


End/Racheal Mupanga



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