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VICE President Inonge Wina has urged farmers to be patriotic and sale their produce to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to ensure sufficient strategic food reserves.

Speaking on arrival at Kasama Airport yesterday, Mrs Wina said the country can only be food secure in times of calamities such as floods and pandemics such as Covid-19 if the farmers supply the surplus they produce to the FRA.

She said the same food they supply to the agency is what is being given out to flood victims such as those in Chimalilo area in Lukashya Constituency under the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU).

She said there is need for the Government to have enough stocks to support vulnerable communities.

“Farmers must be patriotic and supply whatever they produce to the FRA rather that to private buyers because it is the same food that we are giving out to the flood victims such as those in Chimalilo area,” she said.

She said the DMMU is ready to attend 5o all communities affected by floods as there are enough stocks but that there is need for all patriotic Zambians to continue selling their maize to the FRA so that there are sufficient stock.

Mrs Wina also urged the farmers under the Farmers Input Support Programme (FISP) to pay up the K400 contribution towards the inputs.

“Farmers must ensure that they pay up the K400 contribution so that they access the inputs in readiness for the next farming season so that the country records another bumper harvest as recorded in the 2019/20 farming season,” Mrs Wina said.

She assured that the treasury has allocated more money towards the payment the farmers to ensure no stoppage.

“We want to ensure that the farmers are paid on time and this is why the treasury will next week release more funds towards maize purchase,” she said.

And speaking when she called on Paramount Chief Chitimukulu at his residence in Kasama Mrs Wina said the Government is struggling to attend to various economic needs amidst global calamities such as the Covid-19.

She said President Edgar Lungu’s Government is committed to attending to various needs especially in rural communities.

And Paramount Chief  Chitimukulu commended the Government for attending to various social needs.

He said farmers must ensure that they supply over 59 percent of what they produce to FRA because the Government subsidized their produce.

Meanwhile, Mrs Wina has urged youths to form cooperatives so that they access funds that are being released by the Government for various projects

And Mrs Wina says she is happy that the campaigns in Lukashya Constituency have been Peaceful.

She discouraged political parties against ferrying cadres from other areas to campaign in Lukashya as they are the ones that bring violence.






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