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VICE President Inonge Wina has assured traditional leaders in rural areas in Kasama that Government will deliver development in their chiefdoms.

Speaking when she met various traditional leaders here, Mrs Wina said the Government is committed to working with traditional leaders across the country because they understand better the challenges tht there communities go through.

Mrs Wina who also introduced Patriotic Front (PF) candidate George Chisanga in Lukashya urged the electorate to vote for him because he is going to work with the Government to bring development in the area.

“The Government cannot provide everything but the people and traditional leaders need to work together with their MP in unity,” she said.

And speaking when she met Chieftainess Mumbi Mukulu, Mrs Wina said she is delighted to see a female chief because in the country’s traditional systems, they influence decisions and their word is very paramount in the governance system.

And Chieftainess Mumbi Mukulu bemoaned the high rate of early marriages in her chiefdom.

She also requested for a police post as crime rates were on the rise in the area.

Mrs Wina also met Chief Mumbi Mfumu, Chanda Mukulu and Kasonde Chisuna.

And Mrs Wina says the Government will continue to feed the vulnerable families that were affected by floods in Chimalilo and other parts of Musowa Ward in Lukashya Constituency until such a time that they are able to have a good harvest to feed themselves.

“Last time I came here I was with a plane and saw how the area was flooded. You lost your Member of Parliament who was fighting for you always to ensure that my office delivers relief food. We are bringing another giant son of Lukashya George Chisanga to continue representing you the way the late used to and I know he will do much more,” she said.

Mrs Wina urged Mr Chisanga to ensure that youths and women in the area are also empowered to be empowered and to work with the MP.

Speaking when she held meetings to drum up support for for Mr Chisanga in the forthcoming Lukashya Constituency by-election slated for September 17, Mrs Wina acknowledged that most of the crops in the area were destroyed by floods hence people are hunger stricken.

She said climate change has brought many devastating effects on various families hence the need for people to work with the Government of the day t find solutions to face the future.

“Government will continue to feed you until such time that you are able to have a good harvest… All these floods are as a result of climate which has made the country experience abnormal weather patterns. It is under circumstances like this that we have to think about the future of our families so that we can have sufficient food and this can only happen if your MP is able to bring your concerns to the Government,” Mrs Wina said.

She said there are abnormal patterns of weather hence the country has to find ways of sustaining various communities.

“We have to introduce smart agriculture. The same resources we use to feed our people is the same resources we need to build schools, hospitals so that the country can develop. Appeal to royal highnesses to work with the government of the day. We expect advice on how we can move our people from poverty,” Mrs Wina said.







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