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LUKONA area chief of Kalabo district yesterday led thousands of people from  the United Party for National Development (UPND) and Forum for National Development (FDD) to join the Patriotic Front (PF).

Chief Akayombokwa and the the other defectors including the UPND and FDD top brass,  were received by Vice-President Inonge Wina at a public meeting, in Kalabo.

The traditional leader said he had decided to join the ruling party as he wants to embrace development.

He said he has in the past worked with the opposition whom he alleged have failed to take development to the area.

“I have decided to embrace the ruling party together with the people I have come with here, because we have realised that the only way development will reach us, is by working with the party in power as they are the decision makers,” he said.

UPND Kalabo Central Vice-chairperson Ireen Makai said she has of today, ceased to be a member of the opposition.

She said she has worked tirelessly for the party, but has seen nothing positive, coming out.

And FDD Kalabo Central chairlady Namakando Naliyela said she has relinquished her position and membership in FDD, as the future of the party, is uncertain.

She said she wants to direct her effort to PF and help mobilize the party ahead of the 2021 poll.

Both Ms Makai and Ms Naliyela publicly  surrendered their party regalia which they were wearing.

And receiving the defectors, Mrs Wina urged old members to embrace the new members, and allow them to participate in party activities.

She said she was honoured to receive such a huge number of opposition members.

“The new members should be treated equally  and let’s also allow them to participate in all party activities without living anyone behind,” he said.

Mrs Wina also mentioned that the party needs to be on the ground to recruit more members, as winning 2021 at both parliamentary and presidential level, will require numbers.

Meanwhile, Mrs Wina has called on Western Province Permanent Secretary Dan Bukali to ensure that government contracts are done transparently, to benefit locals.

“PS, let us ensure that the  contracts coming to this province benefit our local people so that they can be empowered,”she said this amid cheers from the crowd.

And Mrs Wina assured the people of Kalabo that government through the Disaster Management and Mitigating Unit (DMMU) office, is working tirelessly to ensure that the relief food that is being distributed, reaches the intended beneficiaries.

She said she has since directed officials from DMMU to conduct a survey in Sikongo, Shangombo, Nalolo and other areas, to establish if the beneficiaries are receiving the food..

News story by


Zambia Daily Mail

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