Disaster Management And Mitigation Unit

The Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) is a statutory Government Department under the Office of the Vice President. The Institution draws its authority, functions and powers from the Disaster Management Act No. 13 of 2010.

The specific objectives of the department as stipulated in the National Disaster Management Policy are as follows:

  1. To develop Disaster Risk Management (DRM) plans which will, at different levels, guide the DRM and response activities in the country;
  2. To strengthen horizontal and vertical coordination mechanisms in order to effectively and efficiently implement the Disaster Risk Management activities and harmonise national efforts;
  • To develop/ strengthen an integrated disaster risk management information and communication system in order to enhance timely decision making;
  1. To establish/strengthen the monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to ensure prudent utilisation of resources as well as effective and efficient implementation of DRM programmes and activities;
  2. To carry out and coordinate research activities relevant to DRM in order to advise the Disaster Management structure at different levels as they fulfil their mandates;
  3. To provide administrative, logistical and management support services in order to facilitate effective and efficient operations of DMMU; and
  • To put in place appropriate measures to respond to climate change.