Parliamentary Business Division

The role of the Parliamentary Business Division (PBD) is to facilitate effective conduct of Government Business in Parliament and maintain a working link between the Executive and the Legislature in order to enhance accountability and good governance. Specifically, the following are some of the functions of the PBD:

  1. Provide secretariat services to:
    1. The Vice President as Leader of Government Business,
    2. The Parliamentary Planning Committee, and
    3. The Secretary to the Cabinet on Parliamentary matters;
  2. Coordinate the research, preparation and distribution of the President’s speeches for the official opening of the National Assembly and the State of the Nation Address to Parliament on the implementation of National Values and Principles;
  • Prepare and follow up Action Taken Reports for Parliamentary oversight committees;
  1. Maintain close liaison between Government Ministries and Institutions with the Office of the Clerk of the National Assembly;
  2. Coordinate the processing of Parliamentary oversight instruments which include;Questions for Oral and Written Answers, Government Bills,Ministerial Statements, Government Action Taken Reports and Annual Reports; and
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation of Government Assurances in terms of programmes and activities.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation the utilization and implementation Constituency Offices for the purpose of quality assurance in the Executive responses to the Legislature and establish whether the concerns of the constituents are being represented in Parliament.