Core Functions

There are seven (7) strategic core objectives that the four departments within the Office of the Vice President focus on, and strive to achieve.  These are outlined as follows:

  • To effectively facilitate the administration of Honours and Awards to deserving citizens, residents and foreign dignitaries by the Head of State in order to recognize their achievements and contributions to Zambia;
  • To facilitate the effective conduct of Government business in Parliament in order to enhance accountability of the Executive to the Legislature and enhance good governance;
  • To develop, review and monitor the implementation of policies and legislation in order to ensure effective implementation of Institutional programmes;
  • To resettle targeted citizens both on voluntary and involuntary basis in order to provide them with an alternative livelihood while uplifting living standards of the rural communities;
  • To develop and coordinate disaster risk management programmes in order to protect lives and livelihoods, property, environment and the economy;
  • To provide, develop and manage human and financial resources, as well as administrative and logistical support services in order to enhance the performance and operations of the Office of the Vice President; and
  • To effectively facilitate the Prerogative of Mercy in order to grant clemency to prisoners by the Head of State.(now moved to the Ministry of Home Affairs).